Welcome to Guy's Cycle Inc. 

Storage rates are $60.00 a month, when you purchase 3 months up front you will get the 4th month free.

For example, pay the $180 on november 30th then your storage is good until march 30th!

Financing available for ALL winter work! Spend $1000-$5000 and get free winter storage until April 1st 2018.

Spend $1000 put a $250 deposit down and make 3 monthly payments of $250!

Spend $2500 put a $750 deposit down and make 4 monthly payments of $437.50

Spend $5000 put a $1500 deposit down and make 5 monthly payments of $700.00

No matter how much you want to spend we can work out a payment plan that works for you!

Winter work can consist of restoring a bike that sat for a few years, or Doing custom paint and Chrome for your bike! Wanna make your bike faster? Louder? More Powerful? Talk to one of our service specialists today! Call or bring your bike in for a more accurate estimate of work that you need done. We also pickup and deliver motorcycles for your convenience.